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Lauren and Ben Part Two: Brunch is Served

After getting to coordinate Lauren and Ben’s bright and festive mid-morning wedding and brunch reception at Garden of the Gods Resort, I can honestly say that brunch weddings are one of my new favorite things. Because, one, brunch (duh!), and two, it was the first wedding day I’ve ever coordinated where I’ve been off while the sun is still up and had enough free time afterwards to eat popcorn and watch a documentary with my friends, and three, unlimited orange juice. There were so many fun elements and things to love about this wedding. It was my sweet florist friend Krista’s first wedding with baby in tow, and her daughter Emery can’t help but put a huge smile on your face, plus the flowers looked ah-mazing.

Lauren and Ben decided to go with minimal but tasteful decor, so as to put the main focus on the stunning beauty of the mountains that set a glorious backdrop to their entire day. They unquestionably made the right choice by having their first look at the resort’s reflection pool on a perfectly still morning under a bright blue sky (if you didn’t see those pictures yet, see Blog Post 1!).

I absolutely loved how sharp and handsome all of the groomspeople looked, but especially Ben’s groomswomen Elena. She absolutely killed it in her navy fitted suit with black heels. Lauren’s dress and simple accessories and hair gave off a carefree elegance that suited her most perfectly. Their wedding processional was initiated by a parade of small children blowing bubbles and waving ribbons as they clumsily but adorably made their way down the aisle. The thoughtfully custom-written ceremony included readings from the genius minds of both Mary Oliver and Albert Einstein.

After the two of them were pronounced “spouses for life”, photos were taken, mimosas were drunk, laughs were shared, and guests were seated, all in eager anticipation of those three words everyone had been anxiously waiting to hear: “BRUNCH IS SERVED!” Being a vegetarian in wedding world is hard sometimes, because there are not always food options that I am able to eat, or if there is a vegetarian option, it is often lacking in flavor and heartiness. But eggs, fruit, and pastries are all things that I could eat at every wedding, with a large glass of pulpy orange juice in hand, and probably never tire of.

The toasts that Lauren and Ben’s best friends and parents gave only reassured me of what I had realized about the two of them since the first day I met them- that they are genuine, kind, ridiculously smart, and hilarious people who have no shortage of love and happiness to share with those around them. Lauren and Ben, thank you for showing me such kindness, for being so thoughtful and communicative, for allowing me to meet your sweet, wonderful parents and friends, and for giving me the opportunity to help bring such a beautiful vision to life in front of the red rocks and mountains that raised me. It didn’t feel like work at all, and I was honored to get to share in those memorable moments with you. May your love story last forever, and may life return your kindnesses to you tenfold.

The Dream Team:

Coordination by Dream Catcher Weddings @dreamcatcherweddingsco

Venue, Catering, and Bartending by Garden of the Gods Resort and Club @ggresortandclub

Photography by Cayton Photo @cayton_photo

DJ and MC Services by MC Events, Co @mceventsco

Flowers by Lovely Gatherings @lovelygatherings

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