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Hi, I'm Marea!

Being raised in Colorado Springs, I fell in love with the mountains at an early age. I love anything that involves the outdoors- hiking, camping, rock climbing, and getting lost in the woods. I’m a swing dancer, a thrill-seeker, and a wanderlust soul. But when I'm not backpacking across New Zealand, snorkeling a reef in the Philippines, or snuggling my pup-child Ginger, one of my favorite things to be doing is designing fabulous love-celebrations.


I can't even tell you when I first fell in love with the magic of weddings- it just seems to be something that's stuck with me from a very young age. I first started planning weddings for my friends by a random twist of fate when I was 19, and I´ve been doing it ever since. I love people, romance, flowers, dancing, creating joy, making a difference, and caring for the planet, so being a sustainable wedding planner is basically a dream come true. For me, wedding planning is about so much more than decorating some pews and making sure vendors stick to the schedule- it´s about helping you believe that whatever wild, outlandish, unconventional ideas you’ve imagined can be brought to life, and you really can have the wedding of your dreams. 

But enough about me! It's you we’re really here for. Let's grab some coffee so you can tell me all about your love story, and how you want to celebrate it! Drinks are on me!

Hi, I'm Bekah!


I am a fur mom of 4 and am happiest when embracing the great outdoors! I enjoy camping, hiking, dancing, singing, and soaking up rays by a body of water. I started planning events in my personal life with surprise birthday parties (which take a whole lot more coordination than you might think!), graduations and traveling plans. As I entered the professional world, I started creating opportunities to use my talent and passion for event planning. I started company community service days and worked as a coordinator for Habitat for Humanity in Michigan. It wasn't until I moved back to The Springs where I saw a job opportunity on Facebook from a local wedding planner. I was so quick to apply that Maréa didn't even have time to finish the job description! 


My other passion lies in sustainability. I did not grow up in an environment where sustainability particularly mattered, but I always enjoyed spending time in nature. I had the opportunity to live on a self-sustaining farm in Michigan with an intelligent and caring family who opened my eyes to the creative ways of living on this planet with respect and intention. My life was changed forever. I am so excited to be working with a company that not only aligns with my values but is also embarking on the journey of building a community of experts excited about moving the wedding industry in a more sustainable direction! I feel very lucky to work for someone with so much passion and talent as Maréa. She is a mentor, friend and inspiration.


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