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Hi, I'm Maréa!

Being raised in Colorado Springs, I fell in love with the mountains at an early age. I love anything that involves the outdoors- hiking, camping, rock climbing, and getting lost in the woods. I’m a swing dancer, a thrill-seeker, and a wanderlust soul. But when I'm not backpacking across New Zealand, snorkeling a reef in the Philippines, or snuggling my pup-child Ginger, one of my favorite things to be doing is designing fabulous love-celebrations.


I can't even tell you when I first fell in love with the magic of weddings- it just seems to be something that's stuck with me from a very young age. I first started planning weddings for my friends by a random twist of fate when I was 19, and I´ve been doing it ever since. I love people, romance, flowers, dancing, creating joy, making a difference, and caring for the planet, so being a sustainable wedding planner is basically a dream come true. For me, wedding planning is about so much more than decorating some pews and making sure vendors stick to the schedule- it´s about helping you believe that whatever wild, outlandish, unconventional ideas you’ve imagined can be brought to life, and you really can have the wedding of your dreams. 

But enough about me! It's you we’re really here for. Let's grab some coffee so you can tell me all about your love story, and how you want to celebrate it! Drinks are on me!


Lead planner

Hi folks, Birdie here!

I joined the Dream Catcher team in August of 2021. I’m a Colorado native, born and raised in Colorado Springs, and when I’m not planning weddings, you can find me cuddling my kitten, Toast, or slingin' lattes at Humble Coffee.

Since starting work in the service industry 5 years ago, I’ve discovered that there are two things essential to my personal sense of fulfillment and success: serving others, and being part of a community. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a passion for service, and done everything I could to serve those around me well. I never imagined that I’d be able to translate that passion into something I could support myself with, until I started working in coffee, and witnessed how even something as simple as giving someone a smile with their latte can have a monumental impact. I’ve always considered it an honor that someone would trust me with 10 minutes of their morning, let alone one of the most significant moments of their lives, which is why I was thrilled when Maréa invited me to become a part of the Dream Catcher team.

Maréa founded Dream Catcher with the goal of turning dreams into reality, and by giving me the opportunity to take part in that, as well as to join the amazing community of sustainability-minded wedding professionals she’s worked to bring together, she’s absolutely done that for me.

I’m so honored to be a part of the Dream Catcher team. There's nothing quite like the joy of helping couples realize their grandest wedding visions!



Lead planner

Hello Dreamers! My name is Danielle and becoming a part of Dream Catcher Weddings is fulfilling a lifelong dream to find a job that I am passionate about and allows me to express my creativity.  I am a perfect mix of dreamer and doer.  I love to think outside the box and yet structure and process (let's not forget list-making) are my jam.  Art is my way to express, my way to decompress, and my way to show love and appreciation.  I love to paint, draw, design, craft and build. When I am not creating, I love being active.  Hiking, kayaking, sports of all kinds are just a few of the activities my family and I enjoy doing.

I am originally from Pennsylvania/New Jersey, and moved to Colorado in 2021 to follow my heart to the mountains.  I am married to the love of my life, and together with our two devastatingly handsome, strong-willed, smart, silly boys, we hope to travel the world and experience all the beauty this earth has to offer.  This is why it is so important to take care of the amazing planet that gives us so much.

Dream Catcher Weddings melded all of my passions into one incredible job!  Weddings are the ultimate expression of the love between two people, and I love to be the one to help capture that in a physical form.  I love meeting each couple and learning their story, and dreaming up a vision that encapsulates their love.  It is so rewarding to take my passion for creativity and art to help give couples the wedding of their dreams.  Not only are we creating a fairytale moment, but we are doing it while helping to promote better choices for the planet. I am so grateful to be working a job where love, the earth, and creativity are the basis of every single day.


Assistant Planner


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