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Dream Catcher Weddings Client Reviews 1
Dream Catcher Weddings Client Reviews 2

Marea was SO GREAT! I could not have survived the wedding day or  week without her. It put me so at ease to have someone so competent in charge of things. Seriously, hire a coordinator - you do NOT want to be worrying about all the little details on the day of your wedding, or be answering thousands of questions from friends and family who are helping out. Hire Marea to make everything go smoothly without you even worrying about it. She took care of all of our

decorating and games set-up, and also ran

all our cards/gifts/guest book over to the

reception after the ceremony. She ran our

rehearsal exceedingly well, too, and we

were done in under an hour. There's no

one better to keep all the details straight

and make sure everything looks great

and everyone has a good time. 10/10.

 - Carole & Nathan

Dream Catcher Weddings Client Reviews 3

Marea worked with us to create a

fantastic wedding! Marea helped keep us

organized and focused on what was

important for us at the wedding - we

are located out of state and did wedding

planning in a 6 month period that also included

both of us changing jobs and moving across the country. Marea was incredibly responsive and was a pleasure to work with. Her network led us to other great vendors as well. Ultimately, the week of the wedding was busy but not particularly stressful. I felt like Marea truly cared about making our wedding joyous and special, and I would strongly recommend her as a wedding planner.

 - Lauren & Ben

Dream Catcher Weddings Client Reviews 4

Our woodland wedding was everything

we ever wished for, and Maréa was the

one who made it happen. She helped us dream big and encouraged us not to hold anything back from creating a wedding that was truly 'us.' At the same time, she made sure that we stayed on

track with our budget, that we thought through

all the logistics, and that everything ran smoothly on the day itself. Several people at our reception commented on her poise, graciousness, and stress-free demeanor, all while organizing such a big event and overseeing so many people at different times and places. Maréa offered

advice and guidance throughout the entire wedding planning process, and yet never once

did I feel like she imposed her vision on me. Instead, she helped us discover our dream wedding and made it come true.

 - Sophia & Shannon

Dream Catcher Weddings Client Reviews 5

Marea was a dream come true. We planned our wedding from out of state and figured it being a small wedding would mean we would only need a small amount of help. As we learned, no matter how much or how little help you think you need, you want to be able to enjoy your day and not think about a thing. In the end, Marea allowed us to completely enjoy the day by running point on things we

hadn't even thought of. She is the consumate professional, always calm, cool and collected.

If you are even mildly considering hiring

someone to plan your wedding or

run point on your special day, do not

hesitate at all to hire Marea.

 - Jamie & Donivan

Dream Catcher Weddings Client Reviews 6

I honestly couldn't imagine our wedding

or the planning process without Marea.

She's brilliant, creative, sweet, attentive, and professional. She helped us take random ideas

and thoughts and orchestrated them into our dream wedding. We both work full-time jobs and Marea would step in and contact our vendors, or set up appointments for us making a normally stressful situation a breeze. She also gave us tips and insight into ideas that we hadn't even considered! savings us time, money, and our sanity!
What sets Marea apart from others is that she has a passion and love for weddings and it so beautifully shines through in her work.
Our wedding was more than we could've hoped for or imagined and Marea played a HUGE role in helping everything come together. I would highly recommend her for any wedding!!

 - Jenny & Geoff

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