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Your head's in the clouds, and you're

seeing life through rose-colored glasses.

You've got larger-than-life dreams of what

you want your magical day to look like. But unfortunately, life doesn't slow down for you when you get engaged. Maybe you're finishing your degree while working night shifts, as well as trying to keep your social life afloat. Or maybe you're

just not the detail-oriented type, and simply thinking about planning a perfect party for so many people is making your head spin. Either way, you're looking for someone you can pass your dreams off to and trust that they will make the magic happen, while you keep doin' your groove and pushing through your busy life. Well, you've come to the right place.

Flower 1 - Dream Catcher Weddings Packages

Full Service

Design, planning & Coordination

Dreamer Package



The love of your life popped the big question, and you're over the moon with excitement. This is the day you've dreamed of your entire life, and you want it to be perfect- whether that looks like an intimate ceremony atop a mountain or an extravagant festivity at a ritzy hotel. You're a hands-on person who wants to be involved in all the details of making your wedding dreams a reality, but you don't want the stress of doing it alone and you need someone to help you get started. Well you can

have your cake and eat it too. You get to take

part in all of the fun details of wedding

planning, while trusting a professional to

guide you in the right direction and tie

up any loose ends.

Flower 2 - Dream Catcher Weddings Packages

Partial Service

Design & Coordination

Achiever Package



Creator Package



Coordination Service

Your perfect love story is being written, and you

and your partner want to keep the pen in hand

as you design a wedding celebration that

personifies the uniqueness of your relationship.

You're a big dreamer, but also a go-getter. You're

not afraid to get your hands dirty with all of the

beautiful and messy details that wedding planning

entails. You know that you want to take charge when it comes to planning your perfect day, but once that

day comes, you don't want any stress or details distracting you from savoring every moment

and witnessing the magic unfold.

Flower 3 - Dream Catcher Weddings Packages

Adventurer Package


Elopement Design & Coordination

You're an adventurous soul, a wanderer at heart. 

You want to run away to the mountains to say

your vows with only the pine trees and a few 

closest friends as your witnesses. You're craving simplicity and natural beauty, but you know

that simplicity takes work. You want a local

expert to guide you through the process

and make the planning smooth and easy

so that all you have to do on your elopement

day is show up, say vows to your beloved, and

dance under the moonlight.

Flower 4 - Dream Catcher Weddings Packages

This team is amazing! We had the best day of our lives and everything ran seamlessly, thanks to Danielle, Marea and Birdie. We hired Dream Catcher for the month leading up to the wedding (and day of). Danielle relieved so much stress in those weeks prior to our date, as she was so organized and communicative. After our wedding day, my dad couldn't stop mentioning how much Birdie was ON IT and was so helpful throughout the day. Thank you for putting the DREAM in our dream wedding!

Flower 5 - Dream Catcher Weddings Packages

 - Devery & Gavin

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