A wedding is a beautiful ritual designed to celebrate love and new beginnings. However, there is a major downside behind the scenes of many of these festivities: most weddings have a negative impact on our planet. One source estimates that the average wedding produces 400-600 lbs of waste. Between single-use plastic plates and cutlery, excessive packaging and shipping of decor items that will be used once then thrown away, carbon emissions from travel, food waste, favors that guests will never use, hair and makeup products with toxins, and the many other ways that waste is created, it can be overwhelming for a newly engaged couple to know how to minimize their impact and reduce the environmental harm created by their ceremony. This is where we come in.


At Dream Catcher Weddings, we believe in empowering each couple to have a unique, meaningful wedding that truly celebrates the love between them, while also honoring the gifts of our beloved Earth-home. We are committed to providing eco-friendly services that honor our beautiful and generous planet without sacrificing the authenticity of each couples' experience. We are constantly researching and implementing new methods of sustainability in order to reduce waste and minimize our carbon footprint. Here are some of our ever-evolving sustainable business practices:​​​


  • We recommend vendors and venues that are just as passionate about providing a magical and earth-conscious experience on your wedding day as we are. 

  • We suggest eco-friendly alternatives for invites, gifts, décor, tableware, menu options, and food waste. 

  • We offer low-cost rentals of commonly used wedding décor.

  • We opt to do business digitally as often as possible, in order to reduce our paper waste. When we do have to print something, we use recycled paper. 

  • We repurpose wedding florals, giving them a second life bringing joy to the faces of the elderly in a local nursing home. ​

  • We give a percentage of our proceeds each wedding season to one charity that aligns with our values. In 2019, we planted a total of 210 trees with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization focused on global reforestation.

One of our sustainability practices is repurposing wedding decorations. We receive donations of lightly used decor and allow our couples to access this inventory for their own weddings. Whether you are a Dream Catcher bride, or just an earth-lover who wants to find a way to make sure their wedding decorations bring beauty to many more celebrations to come, we welcome your donation of gently-used generic (non-customized) decor! To donate, click the button below and let us know what items you'd like us to take off your hands. 

Decor Donations!

We believe that love of every kind is worth celebrating.

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