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How to Look Good and Feel Great in a Sustainable Suit matter what the weather does on your wedding day.

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Why you need to pick the right suit for a summer wedding

Getting married outdoors can be quite a romantic idea, and it comes with a unique set of logistics to iron out. One of the most important things a groom needs to consider is his choice of suit. Feeling hot, sweaty, or worse—chafing—can really dampen your ability to enjoy your wedding day. The good news is, by choosing the right fabric, style, and accessories, you can ensure you look and feel good in your sustainable wedding suit. We’ll show you how.

Tip #1: Ditch the vest. Unless you deeply care about keeping your wedding formal, ditch the vest! For most weddings, a two-piece suit is perfectly appropriate. If you really want a waistcoat moment for aesthetic purposes, you can swap out your jacket for the vest during the reception.

Groom in white suit with bowtie holds smiles and holds bride's hand
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Tip #2: Choose light fabric. You want light color and lightweight fabric. For a break-all-the-rules but still dress-up vibe, Seersucker fabric is a stylish choice. For a casual but not quite that casual look, linen would suit you well (just be aware that linen is notoriously wrinkly. Keep a portable steamer on hand.) If you want a more formal look, tropical or fresco wool is king. Newer sustainable fabrics are on the rise; there are even suits made from coffee yarn and recycled nylon fibers. For expert guidance, we recommend consulting a tailor to support your suit-selection process.

Tip #3: Minimize lining. Choosing half or quarter-lining for your suit is a very effective way to prevent overheating. Half-lined jackets are lined across the upper back and the sides, whereas quarter-lined jackets are only lined across the upper back. Fabric choice matters here too. Opt for the lightest lining available.

Pause right there! If all this fabric talk is overwhelming, help is available. That’s why tailors exist! Check out The Men’s Exchange for a second-hand suit tailored to you, or head to Inherent for a premium custom suit created just for you from the first stitch. Both of these businesses are based in Colorado Springs and have powerful missions. The Men’s Exchange donates suits to help houseless men find jobs and Inherent runs a non-profit that spreads education and support for men’s mental health. To order a suit online, consider Sartoro, a company that hires local tailors, pays them living wages, and uses natural fabric and biodegradable packaging. Learn more by visiting their websites.

Tip #4: Choose proper underlayers. The right undershirts, underwear, and socks can help absorb sweat and prevent you from pitting out on your wedding day. The wrong choices, however, will have you feeling soggy, swampy, and embarrassed with visible puddles in all the wrong places. Opt for a V-neck teeshirt like Thomson Tee’s Sweatproof Undershirt. (V-neck ensures it’s dress shirt compatible and the sleeves of the tee will help absorb underarm sweat.) Regarding underwear and socks, look for athletic brands that offer cooling and moisture-wicking fabric. (Tip from the ladies: check the mirror for panty lines! Your dress pants may be thinner than you think.) Bring a backup undershirt, underwear, and socks to change into if needed.

Man tips his hat which has a wide brim adorned with feathers and playing cards
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Tip #5: Accessorize Accordingly. Embrace the wide-brimmed hat. You don’t need to wear it for the whole wedding, but if the sun starts beating down, you’ll be glad to have the option. Bring sunglasses—in fact, consider getting some special ones just for your wedding day. And one other thing to consider is your tie. If you’re particularly prone to overheating, opt for a bow tie—that little bit less fabric can make a notable difference in heat retention.

For custom ties, bowties, and suspenders with a good cause, turn to Knotty Tie. This Denver-based company employs refugees and provides its team with college assistance, living wages, health benefits, and English learning support. Plus, their ties are gorgeous!

Tip #6: Secret weapon for managing sweat on a hot wedding day: Body Glide is a sweaty man’s best friend. Developed as a chafing prevention product, Body Glide works miracles on sweat-related discomfort. It prevents the slick and sometimes itchy feelings that accompany sweaty bits and their related friction, to the point where it almost feels like you’re not sweating at all. Rub it anywhere you need to prevent swamp butt/nuts/gut/pits on your wedding day. 

In Conclusion 

The importance of comfort on your wedding day cannot be understated, especially if you’re getting married outside. It’s best to consult a tailor on the selection of sustainable materials and fitting of your suit. Remember to communicate what’s most important to you, such as, “I’m getting married outside and want to stay as cool as possible.” Weather (and everything else about a wedding) can be unpredictable, so plan ahead—you’ll be glad you did. 

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