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Your Sustainable Florals Toolbox

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

As originally seen in The Colorado Wedding Magazine

by Maréa Janae

If the wildflower tattoo sprawling across my right arm and the fact that I’m more often than not seen clothed in a floral-print fabric aren’t a dead giveaway, I’m kind of in love with flowers. I would argue that, in their full blooming glory, flowers and love are two of the most beautiful natural phenomena on this gorgeous green earth. Thus it only makes sense that flowers and weddings are an inseparable match, dating back as long as can be remembered. The desire to adorn yourself and your festive space with bright blooms seems simply an intuitive way to portray the love blooming inside of you.

While at first glance, it may be hard to imagine how something as natural as flowers could have any negative environmental impacts, unfortunately that’s not the case. Between heavy use of harmful pesticides, carbon emissions created by refrigerating and shipping fresh flowers halfway around the globe, and plastic waste created in the packaging and displaying of the arrangements, the hidden harm caused by the floral industry quickly adds up. But don’t lose heart! You can have an earth-conscious wedding that is bursting with beautiful blooms! When it comes to eco-friendly floral options, there are many ways to go green and no single “right answer”; if you’re choosing to be mindful of the planet, you’re doing it right! Let’s talk about what a few of those options are, whether you opt to keep it classic with live cut stems or explore another alternative.

Your Sustainable Florals Toolbox  Dream Catcher Weddings

What kind of flowers will you use?

While you may have assumed that live cut stems are your only option for wedding day floral arrangements given their overwhelming popularity, there are actually several other options, each with their own environmental and aesthetic benefits. Click on the links below to dive deeper into the ideas we’ve compiled for you.

Flower alternatives aren’t for everyone. If only sweetly-scented organic blooms will do, here’s our advice on how to dodge the common pitfalls while making your wedding colorful as can be.

Don't assume fresh flowers are earth-friendly - How to make sure yours are!

Your Sustainable Florals Toolbox  Dream Catcher Weddings 2

So much more could be said on the topic of sustainability within wedding florals, but I hope what I’ve shared will at least spark your interest, inspire fresh ideas, and get the wheels turning for you to consider how to truly put the planet first, both with your floral arrangements and in other important aspects of your big day. No action is too small. Every earth-conscious decision you choose really does make a difference as we work to shift the tide and move the wedding industry to a more sustainable future. If you have any questions about how to make your wedding more mindful of Mama Earth, drop them in the comments below!

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